Deloitte Access Economics and AWS: Demystifying data - The business benefits of improving data maturity in Australia and New Zealand

Businesses overwhelmingly see the value of data for understanding and improving customer experience.

Deloitte Access Economics was commissioned by Amazon Web Services to analyse the data maturity of medium and large businesses in Australia and New Zealand (ANZ), and to highlight the benefits of, and barriers to, being data-driven. The analysis draws on a survey of businesses leaders, as well as three case studies.

This report presents a new data maturity model to assess how sophisticated businesses in Australia and New Zealand are when it comes to data. The framework scores businesses across five pillars of data maturity:understanding of data, organisational strategy, capability and culture, tools, and processes.

This report outlines a roadmap for businesses seeking to improve their data maturity, drawing on research and consultations with leading business leaders. From building a culture of analytics, to transforming analytics into actionable insights, there are simple steps businesses can take to becoming a data-driven organisation.

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The Value of Predicting Customer Churn