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Developer Webinar Series - Reimagine your CICD pipelines

Migrating to the cloud is an opportunity to rethink how you build and deliver your applications. In this webinar, we share how AWS CodeBuild can help you reimagine your CI/CD pipelines and speed up application delivery without burdening you with maintaining your own build infrastructure.

In this session we demonstrate how to:

  • Create a CDK Jenkins docker operator to be able to repeat in multiple accounts on AWS Fargate, repeat in non-prod and prod
  • Set up a Jenkins job over time using AWS CodeBuild and AWS CodeArtifact
  • Set up an AWS CodeDeploy job to deploy the application in Jenkins using SAM
  • Set up a pipeline to send to your production Jenkins
  • Finally migrate your Jenkins controller and use AWS CodePipeline

Speaker: Paul Silver, Specialist SA, Dev Readiness, AWS
Level: 300