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AWS Webinar Series - Developing and Implementing APIs at Scale

APIs are evolving and changing the way developers build. Essential to any sort of application, they are driving our increasingly interactive and integrated software world. The technology stack you choose for the APIs that will power your applications need to ensure interoperability, scalability, reliability, security, performance and global reach to provide a great experience for both developers and customers. AWS Serverless Technologies inherently tick all of these boxes while removing the undifferentiated heavy lifting of maintaining and operating different types of application backends. AWS offers a number of tools and services that can help not just in creating and operating the APIs, but also in building a community around them. In this webinar we discuss some of the latest releases and new features in the AWS Serverless ecosystem that can help supercharge your APIs at scale as well as discuss architectural patterns, deployment tools, implementation concepts, technologies (REST/GraphQL) and services for different use cases with different event sources such as data streams (Amazon Kinesis), queues (Amazon SQS), notifications (Amazon SNS) and others. We also have a very special guest: Vanessa Thornton. Vanessa is a Senior Engineer in the Developer Ecosystem team at Xero. Xero builds beautiful accounting software and a platform for small business. Started in New Zealand in 2006, they have grown to more than 1 million subscribers. They also have a thriving API ecosystem with over 700 certified partners and 40,000 developers building to their platform. They are now one of the fastest growing SaaS companies globally. Xero will share their experience and use case building and implementing APIs at scale on AWS using Serverless Technologies. This was part of the AWS Webinar Series in Australia & New Zealand and presented originally in October 2018.
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