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Developer Day 2 - Build an end to end, fully automated inventory forecasting capability with AWS Lake Formation and Amazon Forcast

In this session you will learn how to build a secure and automated data lake. You will also learn how to setup periodic ingest of inventory data into the data lake, build automated transformations and then generate inventory planning forecasts using the transformed data. This session is targeted at developers/DBAs/data engineers/ business analysts who work with data. You don’t need deep data engineering or a data scientist skills to attend this session.

What you will learn:
Setting-up, securing and ingesting data into a data lake using AWS Lake Formation Building data transformations using AWS Glue workflow Loading data, training a model and generating forecasts with Amazon Forecast By the end of this session, you’ll also learn how to build automation for repeat execution of the above.

Services: AWS Lake Formation, Amazon Forecast, AWS Glue

Syed Jaffry, AWS Solutions Architect, Amazon Web Services