Ransomware strategies for public sector customers

Technical Level: 200

Ransomware attacks has increased in the past 12 months, causing significant service interruptions to affected organisations. Hear from Michael Stringer, security specialist solutions architect for Australia and New Zealand at Amazon Web Services (AWS), and learn how you can build a proactive strategy to help mitigate a ransomware attack.

The presentation covers the following areas:

  • Prepare: Putting in place preventative security settings on your AWS accounts and resources.
  • Identify: Implementing best practices for logging, monitoring and auditing, and evaluating overly-permissive access settings, along with self-assessing your environment for risk.
  • Protect: Encrypting data, limiting access to systems, and patching and hardening operating systems, and applications.
  • Detect: Enable and configure AWS services to help detect attempts at your account.
  • Respond: Taking action on your findings and building an automated response mechanism.
  • Recover: Leveraging AWS services to implement a disaster recovery solution and learn how AWS can help if you are experiencing a ransomware event.

Featured AWS Speaker: Michael Stringer Security Specialist Solutions Architect, AWS ANZ

Learning Objectives:

  • How to plan a strategy that will help your organisation be proactive rather than reactive to potential ransomware threats
  • Selection of services, their configuration, and recommended AWS best practices
  • Mitigation planning and incident response
  • How to build a disaster recovery plan that meets your organisational recovery time objective

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