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Operations for serverless

Traditional operations are designed for long living infrastructure, low to medium velocity of changes, and pre-defined scale, but serverless applications may have different requirements. Applications are now being broken into hundreds of micro-services and can use multiple data sources, so applying the traditional practices of monitoring, service configuration, and change control will need to evolve. In this session, we will outline top challenges to operate serverless applications on AWS and demonstrate key operations focused on design patterns.

Update to CloudWatch post AWS Summit: The CloudWatch embedded metric format has been released. It is a JSON specification to instruct CloudWatch Logs to automatically extract metric values embedded in structured log events. Once the embedded metrics are extracted, customers can visualize and alarm on them for real-time incident detection. Further CloudWatch embedded metric format makes it easier to generate custom metrics from Lambda functions without requiring any custom code.

Chandra Allaka, Senior Consultant, Amazon Web Services

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Operations for serverless

AWS Serverless Application Lens - AWS Well-Architected guidance for Serverless applications

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