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Why one million developers chose us for best-in-class CI/CD

Developers who build on AWS need the best tools available to get to market faster with quality code. CircleCI provides a cloud-native CI/CD platform that enables customers to adopt modern software delivery for use with their AWS services. CircleCI is considered one of the world’s largest shared continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) platform, running 1-2 million CI/CD pipelines per day on AWS infrastructure, used by 1 million developers across more than 44K organizations. Join this session and learn how to improve your engineering team’s productivity and help them get software to market quickly, securely and confidently.
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A practical guide on how to build dependably… eventually
A practical guide on how to build dependably… eventually

If you are building in the AWS Cloud, you will find tools that solve problems in many different ways. That ...

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Useful cryptography: An introduction
Useful cryptography: An introduction

Cryptography is often thought of as a scary topic, but it doesn’t have to be. In this session, learn about ...