AWS Summit Online Australia & New Zealand 2021

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Startups in Australia and New Zealand: Clues for the future

On a mission to tackle big opportunities, startups rapidly adopt, adapt, and invent novel technology and business models. These can be early signals of changes on the horizon and understanding the evolution of the ecosystem where they come from can offer a glimpse of what's around the corner. In Australia and New Zealand, the AWS Startups team has worked with thousands of startups and hundreds of organisations that make up the startup ecosystem. Over the past decade we’ve witnessed an explosion of organisations providing runway and resources that founders can leverage to produce highly innovative startups capable of solving the world’s biggest challenges. In this session, we cover the evolution of the ecosystem, and how it shapes startups that shape the future.

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Preparing for raising seed and series A investment
Preparing for raising seed and series A investment

This session is for startup founders who want to learn more about how to raise investment capital.