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Headfirst and All In - Autotrader's Learnings on Adopting Kubernetes (Sponsored by Vibrato)

Embarking on a journey to fully adopt Kubernetes, transform to CI/CD, and build and launch a new brand all at once was a courageous decision. At the start of 2018 the Carsguide engineering team set a goal to "Move with speed and have pipelines deliver software in sub 5 minutes" and engaged Vibrato to help. The existing release pipelines slowed developers, with it taking up to 45 Minutes for an engineer to know if their code actually worked. Looking back after a successful product launch of Autotrader in Australia in late 2018 - the Vibrato and Carsguide team will talk about all the lessons learned in going from zero containerisation to production Kubernetes in months.

Jamie Lennox, Principal Consultant, Vibrato

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