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Amazon Innovation Day

Amazon is a company of builders. We get our energy from inventing on behalf of customers. For us, this means that it is always Day 1. A world where past results do not guarantee future success, so it's always important to strive, innovate, and be open to change. Amazon Innovation Day 2019 showcases three technology tailwinds that we believe are transforming our world; Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning, and Robotics. We’ve brought together global and local leaders from Amazon, industry, and science to share with you how they use these technologies to solve customer problems today, and how they see this evolving in the future. This event is for practical leaders who want to understand the latest AI, Machine Learning, and Robotics trends and equip themselves with the skills to drive change and accelerate innovation. You could be a CEO, Chief Marketing Officer, CIO, developer, engineer or IT Manager. The job title is not important. What you have in common is an ambition to use technology to innovate and solve real customer problems.