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Accelerate your Serverless outcomes with messaging and event based architecture

Event driven architectures are a critical component of modern business application development, enabling organisations, across almost all industries and verticals, to build loosely coupled distributed systems and microservices that meet the scaling and reliability needs of today’s modern applications. Many organisations have a vision of driving exceptional end-user experiences, improving business agility and delivering operational efficiencies. However comparatively fewer organisations accelerate these outcomes and ambitions through the power of creating microservices from the event upwards.

Join the AWS Serverless team and learn about the benefits of event-driven architectures, common use-cases and challenges, and how the AWS messaging and events portfolio including Amazon EventBridge, Amazon SNS, Amazon SQS and Amazon MQ can enable organisations of all sizes on their Serverless journey.

Who Should Attend:

  • Developers
  • Operators
  • Architects
  • Technical Management

What You Will Learn:

  • Event Driven Architecture concepts like design considerations, use cases, challenges and how to achieve value, reliability, resilience and scalability.
  • How and when to use AWS services like Amazon EventBridge, Amazon SNS, Amazon SQS and Amazon MQ.
  • Event and messaging theory using event routers and event stores.