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Harnessing Data to Improve Your Customers' Experience

Hear from Eloise Gillespie (Head of Personalisation at Entain), Ethan Orsini (General Manager Omni Fulfilment at Super Retail Group), Brady Jacobsen (General Manager, Digital and Customer Experience at Vocus) and Douglas Park (Senior Solutions Architect - Cognitive CX at Amazon Web Services) as they host a panel discussion on unlocking the power of data to better understand your customers and how your data can support in creating more seamless and integrated touch-points that improve the customer experience.

The past two years has seen organisations scale the digitisation strategies across all departments, and customer experience and contact centres are no exception. These areas have seen a particular influx in digitisation across digital channels and customer touchpoints.

In 2022, the IDC expects the CX industry will spend almost $900 billion AUD (USD$641 billion) on CX technology globally due to the sheer need to keep scaling and growing capabilities in order to keep pace with customer demand and necessity.

Whether its live chats, chatbots, text message, instant messaging applications etc; the questions that organisations are asking is – How can we harness our data to better understand our customers?

Customer Experience leaders are in development mode, as they try to understand the customer data and behaviour across the varying touchpoints. Customer data and information has the ability to inform contact centres on which channels they should invest in and figure out what is best for their customers and organisation.

Key discussion points include:

  • Learn how do to manage and collect data to inform and understand your customers and their behaviour
  • Understand how you can manage the scaled influx of data from various channels
  • Understand how your data can support with your investment decision-making around creating more seamless and integrated touchpoints for customers.