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Build a future ready business with AWS

Leading enterprises across Australia and New Zealand are embracing cloud to build a future ready business.

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The cloud has moved resoundingly to the mainstream in recent years. One survey of almost 1,000 technical professionals found that 92 percent of organisations now use the public cloud in some way.

Whether they seek faster innovation, modernised technology capabilities, cost savings or all the above, businesses of all sizes are seeking success in the cloud.

Cloud adoption is being driven by structural changes in the role of IT within organisations. Typical enterprises spend 75 percent or more of their technology resources maintaining existing systems—time and money they could be investing in growth-producing activities.

“AWS allows us to think very differently about what’s possible”. ~ Hilda Clune, CIO, PwC Australia

The cloud can help relieve some of this burden and free up time and resources for value-added work. Meanwhile, line-of-business leaders outside IT are making their own technology investments; IDC projects that by 2020 they will control more than 50 percent of new IT spending. Using the cloud, they can bypass many of the traditional barriers to technology investment, such as the need to deploy, manage and secure infrastructure.

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