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The 5 capabilities needed to succeed with cloud

Learn about the five essential capabilities you need to be successful in the cloud

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Technology led business disruption has shaken up the Australian business landscape and companies are now compelled to move towards new and better ways of doing business. Ever changing customer expectations are paralleled by availability of advanced technology that can solve critical business problems. Cloud is one such critical technology solution that can help organisations achieve customer success, digital success and cost optimisation goals all at the same time.

After globally researching our top performing customers we have identified the five essential capabilities they focus on to successfully make the transition to the cloud, ultimately helping build a future-ready business.

To illustrate this we draw insights from Mithran Naiker, CTO, Transurban on what he’s learnt at Transurban and being an evangelist for how technology can help the business.

Here are some tips from Mithran on convincing leaders on a move to Cloud:

  • Discuss your business case in terms of time, agility and speed. At this stage there is no need to get into the technical details of the solution, focus on the outcomes and objectives that are required and how closely and quickly you can deliver them.
  • Have different types of conversations with different departments across the business to fully understand their objectives before you even start the conversation about the technical solution. They all have different objectives and require them to be fulfilled by a technology decision.
  • Once you’ve made the decision, back yourself and accept the risk associated with implementing any new technology.

About Mithran Naiker, CTO, Transurban

Mithran is the Chief Technology Officer at Transurban, based in Melbourne, Australia. Mithran has been with Transurban for 4 years and is part of the Technology Senior Leadership team that leads transformational change to deliver industry leading technology solutions and capabilities aligned to the strategic business objectives of the organisation. In his role, Mithran is responsible for the definition and execution of strategy and effective and efficient design, delivery and management of mission critical technology platforms. Mithran leads a team across Architecture, Data & Analytics, Infrastructure, Security, Networks, Cloud & Digital and Workspace Technologies.

Prior to Transurban, Mithran was the IT Director at SEEK for 2 years, where he was responsible for leading the Operations and Enterprise Applications teams, after having held other key leadership roles across Infrastructure and Operations during his 10 year tenure.