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An enterprise guide to big data IoT

Amazon Web Services and Intel share a passion for delivering constant innovation. Together, we have developed a variety of resources and technologies for High Performance Computing, Big Data Analytics, and the Internet of Things. A selection of these assets are showcased below.

Internet of Things – it’s still Day 1 

The Internet of Things is transforming the world we live in. Over a variety of industries both public and private, IoT is connecting people and making technology accessible at an affordable cost.

Though IoT has dramatically expanded in the past few years, the potential for innovation is boundless. In short, it’s still Day One for the Internet of Things. In the first video from AWS and Intel, industry leaders share their insights on the future of IoT. The second video showcases what Big Data can do for your business.

IoT Day 1 Video

Big Data Analytics 

More than before, organisations see the upside of acting quickly to innovate their business models in order to differentiate themselves with speed-driven data and analytical practices that significantly impact business performance and competitive position.

To survive in today’s digitally infused marketplace, businesses need to address the volume, diversity and availability of data in order to understand how best to use and apply the analyses of their data to their decision making process, customer engagement and operations.

Based on research commissioned by Amazon Web Services*, 100 per cent firms interviewed expect their industries to be impacted by Big Data by 2021. 64 per cent of organisations cites that they are being directly impacted by Big Data today, with 39 per cent already developing or having launched analytical strategies to drive business outcomes.

This is what Big Data can do for your business 

Cloud Computing and Precision Medicine – Big Data in action

From the lab to the clinic, precision medicine is increasingly becoming a reality. As the demand for precision medicine grows, learn how AWS and Intel are playing a role in delivering this important new approach to analyzing massive data sets to bring revolutionary treatment to patients.