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Building a Customer 360 to compete in the Experience Economy

Featured Speakers: Revital Rosenberg, Head of Data, Analytics and Insights, Officeworks, Niamh O’Donoghue - Partner, Deloitte Australia & Das Ganamanas, Analytics Business Development Lead ASEAN, AWS

Customer obsession isn't an option for brands. It's imperative. And that obsession starts with customer data, which brands must own and master. With the convergence of stricter digital privacy regulations and end customer's ever-increasing demand for transparency, choice and control, Customer 360 (C360) has become a business imperative to competing in the Experience Economy.

Join this session to hear from Officeworks' and discover the success they are driving from their investment in Customer Data & Analytics culture, capabilities and Personalisation at Scale. We also welcome our premier partner Deloitte, as they dive deep with Officeworks on the strategic objectives of their data & analytics journey, friction points, and the impact it has had on their customers and end-users.