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Modernise and migrate data platforms with Confluent and AWS (Level 200 | Intermediate)

Watch our session to learn how Confluent has rearchitected Apache Kafka on AWS so organisations can modernise data securely, and in real-time. In an ever changing and competitive world, companies are moving and building their data platforms on AWS to deliver experiences that meet both consumer and employee expectations. From databases to data warehouses, Confluent enables enterprises to accelerate migration and modernisation initiatives. Our cloud-native data streaming platform sets data in motion with full integration in the AWS billing, security and management services. With Confluent on AWS, businesses can connect and move on-premise and multi-cloud data to AWS services like Amazon Redshift and Amazon Relational Database Service (RDS). Learn how to reduce complexity and increase agility to focus on real-time innovation and accelerating time-to-value in this session.

Speaker: Joseph Morais, Staff Partner Solution Engineer, Confluent