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Cloud migration: Prioritise your digital transformation first

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Unlock new opportunities on the cloud platform that more software vendors chose to innovate on.

Australian businesses are in pursuit of relentless digital transformation, seeking out modern SaaS apps that address their specific business goals. It’s great news for the software vendors who can deliver on those demands.

But if you are saddled with legacy software, tools, and technical debts – like the 38% of Australian and New Zealand software vendors that still manage customers in a single tenant, on premise environment1 – then you risk getting left behind. If you don’t prioritise your own digital transformation soon, it will only become harder to stand out in an increasingly competitive market.

With AWS Cloud, you can quickly spin up resources as you need them, deploying hundreds or even thousands of servers in minutes. This means you can very quickly develop and roll out new applications to market, your teams can experiment and innovate more quickly and frequently. We’ve seen customers increase IT staff productivity by up to 62% 2 . Migrating and modernising with AWS hardens security to help protect against cyberattacks, define and manage access policies, and prevent unauthorised disclosure and modification using encryption and policy-driven controls. AWS also helps ensure resiliency, providing high availability with virtually unlimited failover capacity. Customers have reduced monthly security incidents by up to 43.4% 3, resulting in 7X less downtime 4. Lower your operating costs by right-sizing servers, using lower cost storage tiers, optimising licensing costs and leveraging AWS’ unique pricing models. By moving to AWS Cloud, you can provision only the infrastructure you need. Plus, with AWS server elasticity, you only pay for what you use, and can scale up and down as needed. Our customers have experienced up to 51%5 cost reduction by migrating to AWS.

AWS is the cloud platform of choice for software vendors, with 175 fully featured services including compute, storage, databases, analytics, robotics, machine learning an AI, IoT, mobile, security, application development, development, and management. No matter what stage of cloud migration you’re at, AWS will become your long term partner, supporting your goals for sustained innovation and growth.

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