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SaaS: Plot your path to a SaaS delivery model

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Unlock new opportunities on the cloud platform that more software vendors chose to innovate on.

Did you know that 72% of your customers are thinking about SaaS first, or a strategic move to SaaS at the first available opportunity1? The future is clearly cloud-based, and as a software vendor you need to get there, fast.

Whether you transition your existing applications, create newer versions, or build completely new apps, a move to SaaS is proven to pay off. In fact, of 106 software vendors that have made the move from on-prem to SaaS:

  • 81% report improved time to market
  • 84% realise cost savings with application maintenance
  • 85% see SaaS as a way to reach new geographies2

The depth and breadth of tools and services available on AWS will accelerate your journey to SaaS, with full support along the way to ensure you can focus your energy on product innovation. Plus, with the elasticity of the AWS environment, you can build SaaS solutions that are optimized to match the infrastructure of your multi-tenant load.

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