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Machine Learning for CMOs: How to personalise the customer experience and drive innovation in marketing

Organisations have more customer data at their fingertips than ever before. However, despite the multitude of customer information and data management tools available, data often stays relatively fragmented, limiting the value that marketers drive from their databases. Unless marketers can learn how to fully unlock their data, its potential will remain untapped.

The time is ripe for marketers to learn how to better utilise their data, in order to offer enhanced, innovative digital experiences for customers. Data is an organisation’s most precious and strategic asset, but it can only fuel true innovation if it is democratised and used to its full potential. That’s where machine learning comes in.

Discover how organisations can leverage data and machine learning to help CMOs achieve the elusive single view of the customer with Mumbrella, Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Deloitte Access Economics The event is moderated by Angeline Chow, Partnerships Manager from Mumbrella with guest speakers John O’Mahony, partner at Deloitte Access Economics, Zoe Hillenmeyer, Worldwide head of Applied Machine Learning services from AWS, and Ben Kidney, Head of Digital Engagement at AWS ANZ.