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AWS Machine Learning Day - Boost your productivity with Amazon Sagemaker

Building a machine learning pipeline can be a complex, time-consuming process comprising of several phases. In this session, we share how to leverage Amazon SageMaker platform to tackle the challenges of building a ML pipeline, from data labelling, feature engineering, model training, tuning, to deployment. Using Amazon SageMaker, data scientists and engineers will be able to focus on their core values while Amazon SageMaker does the heavy-lifting of large scale and distributed model training, and infrastructure management.

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AWS Machine Learning Day - Fireside chat
AWS Machine Learning Day - Fireside chat

Join us for a fireside chat with Melanie Botha, Head of Training and Certification ANZ, at Amazon Web Servi...

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AWS Machine Learning Day - DevOps for data science
AWS Machine Learning Day - DevOps for data science

This session addresses the challenges of productionising ML models, and introduces DevOps for a machine lea...