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Accelerating outcomes - RISE with SAP on AWS, Powered by Lemongrass

Running SAP on Cloud has never been easier. RISE with SAP helps standardise and harmonise the deployment of SAP onto a single platform and removes the complexity of managing your own cloud environment.

Join this IDC led virtual cloud acceleration workshop hosted by Linus Lai, Vice President, IDC, Jason Nicholl, EVP, Lemongrass and Haydn Sallmann, Principal SAP GTM Specialist, AWS to hear about our learning’s and experiences from implementing RISE with SAP for dozens of customers across Asia-Pacific.

You will hear these experts share insights on:

  • Why you need to consider “SAP RISE”
  • Key challenges faced by enterprises when adopting “SAP RISE”
  • Factors to consider when evaluating RISE with SAP implementations
  • Best practices and key learnings from IDC, AWS & Lemongrass