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Modernise .Net Workloads on AWS | Session 2: DevOps for your .NET applications on AWS (Level 200)

DevOps is foundational to a good software delivery practice. AWS provides flexible services designed to enable rapid and reliable delivery of .NET applications using AWS and DevOps practices. These services integrate with a wide range of tools, such as Azure DevOps, providing a simplified solution to provision and manage infrastructure and deploy application code resulting in automated software release processes.

This session will allow developers to get familiar with setting up CI/CD pipelines to automate deployment of their .NET Core applications onto AWS. We will explore how to create GIT based repositories using Azure DevOps and AWS CodeCommit, enable automatic build and deployment of code using Azure DevOps pipelines and AWS CodeBuild to deploy a sample application onto AWS. These applications will be hosted on AWS Lambda (Serverless functions), Amazon ECS (containers) and AWS Elastic Beanstalk (managed EC2 instances).

When working with .NET and AWS you have several options to create, deploy, host and manage your applications. AWS makes this easy with use of tools such as the AWS Toolkit for Visual Studio and workload hosting options, allowing developers to use tools they’re familiar with to bring their applications to life quickly and efficiently.

This session will allow developers to get familiar with deploying .NET application onto AWS using Visual Studio 2019 tools and methods they are already used to . We will also explore how to create and host cloud native applications using modern patterns and services available on AWS with the benefits of high availability and removal of undifferentiated heavy lifting making it easy to develop, host and maintain modern applications.

In this session, you will learn how to:

  • Set up Azure DevOps to build and deploy .NET Core applications onto AWS
  • Set up a CI/CD pipeline using AWS native services (AWS CodeCommit, AWS CodeBuild and AWS CodeDeploy) to build and publish .NET Core applications to AWS

In this session, we will take a look at:

  • Configuring Azure DevOps CI/CD pipelines to build and deploy applications onto AWS
  • Use AWS cloud native services to create CI/CD pipelines to host code, build and publish applications onto AWS