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Dev Connect - Applying chaos engineering principles for building fault-tolerant applications

Failures are inevitable. Regardless of the engineering efforts put into building fault-tolerant applications and handling edge cases, one day, a case beyond our reach will turn a benign failure into a catastrophic one. Therefore, we must test and continuously improve our application’s resilience to failures to minimise its blast-radius and its impact on user experience. Chaos engineering has emerged as one of the best methods to do that. However, while interest is growing, few have managed to build sustainable chaos engineering practices. In this two-part seminar, I will first introduce chaos engineering and its principles, and explain how to get started with it. I will then walk through and demo some of the tools and methods that you can use today to inject failures in software systems to make them more resilient to failure.

What you will learn

  • Understanding Chaos Engineering and its principles
  • How to start experimenting
  • Tips and tricks for successful experiments, practical examples and demos

Who Should Attend

  • Developers
  • Devops engineers
  • IT professionals
  • Anyone interested in resiliency, reliability, chaos engineering, testing
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