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Developer Day 1 - Modern Application Observability

In modern, microservices-based applications, it’s critical to have end-to-end observability of each microservice and the communications between them in order to quickly identify and debug issues. In this session, we cover the techniques and tools to achieve consistent, full-application observability, including monitoring, tracing, logging, and service mesh.

What you will learn:

  • Hear from a customer perspective their challenges with Microservice observability and how they are solving for these
  • What’s the difference between Monitoring and Observability
  • Amazon Cloudwatch, AWS X-Ray and AWS AppMesh overview and best practices
  • Best practices on how to get a unified view of operational health
  • Logging, metrics and Tracing best practices and deployment options

AWS X-Ray, Amazon CloudWatch, AWS App Mesh, Amazon EKS

Chris Modica, Enterprise Solution Architect, Amazon Web Services

Guest Presenters:
Jonathan Kuleff, Technical Specialist (Platform), ROKT
Eugene Babichev, Senior Software Engineer (Platform), ROKT