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The executive's playbook for success with AI

Utilise these tips in our AI Enterprise Guide for how to plan for success with AI

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Artificial intelligence is quickly becoming a fundamental building block of business operations, providing real gains such as improved processes, increased efficiency, and accelerated innovation. Advances in machine learning technology have combined with high-performance compute options and an abundance of data to create a perfect storm for AI to transform organizations of all sizes.

40% of digital transformation initiatives will be supported by AI in 2019

For enterprise leaders, the need to embrace AI capabilities is immediate. IDC estimates that 40% of digital transformation initiatives will be supported by AI in 20191 and 42% of executives say AI will drive innovation in their organization.

As enterprises accrue data from numerous sources— ranging from customer feedback, sales logs, internal processes, and financial forecasting—there is opportunity to operationalise this often “dark data” into insights that can improve decision-making, create new revenue streams, and optimise the business value chain.

Mobilise AI and machine learning in your business with these tips for selecting the right use case, data strategy, hiring the right skills, measuring ROI of AI projects, and revamping processes and systems to integrate AI.