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How to leverage AWS Cloud Development Kit to build with Chief Evangelist Jeff Barr!

About the session (Level 200):

Are you a builder looking for easier ways to modify, read and ultimately reduce your time to deployment? Join us during this special edition webinar with AWS Chief Evangelist & VP, Jeff Barr as we explore how to leverage AWS Cloud Development Kit (CDK) so you can think of architecture components as first class objects, from stacks to individual resources in your language of choice!

The Cloud Development Kit or CDK is a comprehensive framework for Javascript/Typescript, Python, Java, F/CSharp that abstracts CloudFormation away by allowing developers to codify AWS infrastructure deployments using language constructs that resonate with them better than trying to wrangle YAML/JSON code. AWS has over 165 services to choose from when designing and building cloud architectures and attempting to deploy and provision them by creating and modifying traditional CloudFormation templates can be tedious to write and debug, prone to errors and time consuming.

What you will learn:

In this session we’ll introduce CDK by setting up a blank project, creating some AWS resources and deploying the generated CloudFormation templates.

Along the way we’ll look at what’s happening under the hood and some of the other neat helper classes that CDK provides

Q&A with AWS Chief Evangelist & VP, Jeff Barr and AWS Principal Evangelist, Matt Fitzgerald

Who should attend:

  • Developers
  • Solutions Architect
  • Cloud Architect
  • Technical Managers