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Deloitte Transforms Jemena into a Data-Driven, Customer-Centric Organisation

Jemena, a diversified energy company, started their digital transformation journey to shift away from being a traditional asset focused business to become a data driven, customer centric organisation. Recognising the impact of the future of energy and the importance of creating meaningful relationships with their customers, Jemena aspired to leverage data and analytics to customer engagement, plan their network, and drive innovation.

Powered by billions of data points from household smart meters, Jemena, Deloitte and AWS worked together to develop a platform that would enable a richer energy consumption profile to better serve customer interactions in real-time and leverage past patterns to predict future scenarios. The result has enabled Jemena to better support their customers and business stakeholders by integrating analytics into the enterprise strategy.

Watch this 0n-demand webinar, where Andrew Davis, GM of Strategy and Commercial - Jemena, Jesse Mills, Customer Innovation Lead - Jemena and Jahanzeb Azim, Partner at Deloitte, diive deep into the platform that is changing the landscape of the future of energy.