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Predicting buying behaviour: How Quantiful trained its AI to make customer demand forecasts for complex enterprise businesses

Discover how Quantiful uses data from sales, consumer buying signals and macroeconomic conditions to vastly improve business forecasting.

Quantiful co-founders Jamie Cormack and Alan Gourdie share insights on how QU, their business planning tool, helps businesses release working capital by improving planning efficiency, optimise product offerings by observing consumer buying signals and reduce waste by taking the guesswork out of demand planning.

Business leaders who will particularly benefit from watching this on-demand webinar include finance leaders keen to address volatility and uncertainty to drive faster, more profitable decision making and reduce waste of working capital trapped in stock. Heads of strategy, product & planning and supply chain will be able to validate business cases for new products and track progress post launch, improve forecast accuracy and recommend exits.

Product managers, marketers and demand planners will understand how to go beyond traditional spreadsheets of historic sales data to plan more effectively and decide if and when to release new features/launch campaigns/purchase or repurchase.