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The Modjoul SmartBelt: Harnessing the IoT and the power of data to improve worksite safety and productivity

Each year there are millions worker injuries and thousands of fatalities in work places and worksites around the world. Modjoul created the SmartBelt to decrease those numbers by tracking, analysing, and leveraging employee work metrics to enhance safety and productivity.

Thanks to this innovation, data is streamed from wearable devices, including belts, vests, hard hats and the connected workplace including phones, chip-enabled ID badges, forklifts, trucks, and machinery to monitor data and enhance worker safety and productivity.

Watch this on-demand webinar to hear from Eric Martinez CEO & Co-Founder Modjoul and Arvind Purushothaman from Virtusa. Discover how Modjoul and Virtusa worked with AWS to increase worker safety and productivity with a mobile app and intelligent workplace wearable using a cognitive IoT platform to provide a well-connected work environment.